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Are you worried about having an unauthorized copy made of a file after you sent it to others?

Send your photos and PDF files more securely with copy protection.

All features use a web browser without installing a separate program, preventing downloading, screenshots, printing, or any other type of copying. It is available for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

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Simple yet powerful

With a few simple clicks, you can explore a variety of options.
All features are free, yet they are superior to anything else.

What are digitally coated files used for and how are they used?

The data converted by digital coating is safeguarded by a dependable infrastructure,
and the data you create, as well as the copyright, are entirely yours

Digital Coating is a service that provides information security and authentication without the need for installation. With Digital Coating, anyone can easily share and manage files in a secure manner.
Unlike the traditional method, which requires installation for unauthorized copy protection, the main advantage of Digital Coating is that it prevents unauthorized copying (downloading, capturing, recording, printing) without the need for installation, while also providing a very simple and intuitive way to manage information security.
Digital Coating is a powerful security platform for small businesses with limited security budgets and personnel, as well as individuals in the global marketplace.